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In Pieces of Eight: Still Best Friends After All These Years, the eight Maggio brothers and sisters contrast mostly humorous and occasionally touching stories of their growing-up years with their present-day e-mail exchanges that often read like stand-up comedy. The witty, random, and loving e-mails of today reveal a surprisingly enduring sibling network that allows the eight Maggios to cheer, support, sympathize, and laugh with each other almost daily. Learning early on that they could rely on each other, they grew up sharing everything from their fear of wild dogs to the neighbors' watermelon patch. This anthology of over sixty essays and short stories tells of carefree days, poignant circumstances, educational mischief, and rewarding moments--along with a glimpse of how those eight kids turned out today.

“We are progressives, conservatives, Catholics, Unitarians, AA, New Agers, chiefs, and Indians. We are unmarried, divorced, and married. We are ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. We parent seventeen children. We are renters, homeowners, and land barons. We are a tribe of many truths,” say the authors. “And we’re crazy about each other.”

If you've always wondered what other families are really like, or why some brothers and sisters stay close while others do not, Pieces of Eight: Still Best Friends After All These Years provides some clues along with an entertaining read and some guaranteed smiles.

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